50|50 Clusters

Existing Clusters and Chairs

  1. Economy: Michael Witter 
  2. Governance and Politics: Trevor Munroe 
  3. Social Policy: Aldrie Henry-Lee 
  4. Health: Helen (Kristin) Fox. 
  5. Housing: Jimmy Tindigarukayo 
  6. Public Sector: Philip Osei 
  7. Education; Maxine Henry-Wilson 
  8. Sustainable Rural Development: Pat Northover
  9. Caribbean Integration: Patsy Lewis. 
  10. Grenada Case Study: Patsy Lewis 
  11. Information Systems: Evan Duggan 
  12. Labour and Employment: Noel Cowell 
  13. Visualizing Independence: Annie Paul 
  14. Law and Justice: Celia Blake 
  15. Gender: Taitu Heron and Judith Wedderburn 
  16. Caribbean Language Policy: Hubert Devonish 
  17. Words to Refashion Futures: Nadi Edwards 

Proposed clusters

  1. Immigration: Jay Mandle 
  2. Growth and Development in the Caribbean: Patrick Watson 
  3. Climate Change in the Caribbean: Patrick Watson